Glimmer Body Art - Glitter Tattoo
Glimmer Body Arts produced Glitter Tattoos products which are Dermatologist Tested, Safe for the Skin, FDA Compliant Hypoallergenic,Latex free,and Non Toxicand meet all cosmetic grade safety standards. Glitter Tattoos should not be applied to the face or eyes and stencils should be used only once.
NOTE: If your child has delicate skin, do a test design on the hand before creating.
Glitters for face painting are made of polyester, and should be .008 microns in size or smaller. That is the size that the FDA classifies as “cosmetic size” and safe for use on skin.

Glimmer Body Art - Safety Sheets

You can download Glimmer Body Art Material Safety Data Sheet in PDF format for your own personal use (please click link below)
GBA Glitter Material Safety Data Sheet
GBA Glitter Tattoo Skin Glue Material Safety Data Sheet
Dermotologist Testing for GAB Skin Glue
(If you do not have Adobe Reader please click "Download the current version" ).