How To Apply Glitter Tattoos.

Step 1: Clean skin with alcohol based cleaner or isopropyl alcohol wipe.
Step 2: Peel off the white backing paper away from stencil and stick stencil on the desired spot on the skin.
Step 3: Carefully remove the clear part of the stencil to leave the black stencil in place.
Step 4: Apply cosmetic adhesive/ skin glue to all open skin area inside the stencil.
Step 5: Remove the stencil and wait until the glue becomes completely transparent (you can use fan to help adhesive to dry faster)
Step 6: Apply a generous amount of glitter with a puffer bottle or using a soft brush.
Step 7: Press the glitter down into the glue and sweep away excess of the glitter with a brush.
Tips: When working on dark skin, use lighter colors on the outer edges of the design to create contrast. And when working on light skin, use darker colors on the outer edges.
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