Using Face Paint - Tips & Tricks for the Beginners

  • To start face painting you will need face paint, brushes, brush holder, sponges, water in a jar with a lid, cosmetic glitter, mirror, baby wipes, toilet paper, a sample book and your business cards. Keep it in a bag that is easy to carry and quick to set up.
  • Always use water-based, non-toxic, real theatre make-up for face painting. You will be working with all kinds of skin, including some that's very allergic. Water base comes off with soap and water, it usually dries very quickly, and it looks good.
  • Be very careful of unknown cheap brands. These days label that say non-toxic is just not good enough! To buy FDA approved high quality face paint visit our online store
  • Have photos or sketches of what you want to create. In this case people can see them and choose what they want before they get to your work area.
  • Bring hair clips with you to pull kids hair away from the face when you paint.
  • Don’t forget to bring a child safe mirror, so they can see what the amazing work you’ve done for them.
  • Use only cosmetic grade glitters, those found in the make-up section of the store, not the craft section.
    You can purchase cosmetic glitter at HokeyPokey Store
  • Make sure you sit well when you're painting. Face painting is one of those jobs that can really hurt your back if you're not careful. Sit up straight and ask the child to sit forward, so you don't have to lean toward thekids
  • Do not paint anyone who has a contagious illness, or who has open sores or wounds. Even acne should be avoided, as the necessary rubbing to remove the paint can also cause irritation to the sensitized skin. In cases like this, suggest painting another area, such as the arm, or offer them a sticker instead.
  • If you suspect that your skin or your models skin may have sensitive skin you could test the paint on the inside of their wrist before you begin. If there is no reaction after a few minutes will be safe to proceed.
  • If your models skin becomes itchy or irritated, you will need to instantly remove the face paint and apply a barrier cream. Even then a few people have still have a reaction to the barrier cream and it is best not to apply the face paint in this case.
  • Wash your hands between each customer, using either baby wipes or a hand sanitizer. It’s a great idea to Keep unscented high quality baby wipes at your table.
  • Always carry your camera. Take photos of your work - with the parents’ permission.
  • Keep your work area clean!